Earthquake WebQuest

Play with the Earthquake Simulator

Define earthquakes:

  1. What is an earthquake?
  2. What causes an earthquake?
  3. Describe plate tectonics?
  4. What is a transform fault? Draw a picture.
  5. Give a geographical example of a transform-fault.

Where do earthquakes take place?

  1. Describe the job of a seismologist.
  2. What is the yearly average frequency of Major Earthquakes? Is this number rising?
  3. How many people died in the Tangshan, China earthquake?
  4. What was the deadliest US earthquake? How many people died?
  5. Describe 2 other recent or historic earthquakes.

Learn how to measure and predict earthquakes:

  1. How are earthquakes measured and detected?
  2. Describe some monitoring instruments.
  3. What is the focal depth of an earthquake?
  4. What is the epicenter of an earthquake?
  5. Draw a diagram of an earthquake.
  6. Find the date, magnitude & location of the 5 most recent earthquakes. Use real-time   earthquake data:

Learn ways to protect lives from the damaging effects of earthquakes:

  1. What is earthquake engineering?
  2. What are direct damaging effects of earthquakes?
  3. What are the indirect damaging effects of earthquakes?
  4. What is a magneto-rheological (MR) fluid?
  5. How can MR fluids be used as a protection from earthquakes?
Earthquake engineering - Definition of earthquake engineering, how to attain efficient earthquake resistant structures and facilities.
Amazing Magnetic Fluids – How magnetic fields affect some fluids so that it can be used to control damaging vibration in structures and buildings caused by earthquakes.
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