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  1. Trilobites: Where Sloths Find These Branches, Their Family Trees Expand - A study showed that when some animals find a crucial resource, they can survive in changing environments and even thrive.
  2. During the Lunar Eclipse, Something Slammed Into the Moon - A flash spotted on livestreams was likely caused by the crash of a tiny, fast-moving meteoroid left behind by a comet.
  3. 3 Newborn Endangered Right Whales Seen After Year With No Births - The sighting this winter of newborn whales off the coasts of Florida and Georgia is being greeted with mild optimism, as the North Atlantic population has dwindled.
  4. Oceans Are Getting Louder, Posing Potential Threats to Marine Life - Increasing ship traffic, sonar and seismic air gun blasts now planned for offshore drilling may be disrupting migration, reproduction and even the chatter of the seas’ creatures.
  5. ScienceTake: How Ants Sniff Out the Right Path - They may seem like automatons, but ants are surprisingly sophisticated in their navigational strategies.
  6. Coming Soon to a Police Station Near You: The DNA ‘Magic Box’ - With Rapid DNA machines, genetic fingerprinting could become as routine as the old-fashioned kind. But forensic experts see a potential for misuse.
  7. Scientist Who Edited Babies’ Genes Is Likely to Face Charges in China - A Chinese government investigation found that He Jiankui had “seriously violated” state regulations by altering human embryos.
  8. Trilobites: Romeo the Frog Finds His Juliet. Their Courtship May Save a Species. - The lonely male in a Bolivian museum was thought to be the last Sehuencas water frog, but an expedition has found him a potential mate.
  9. What Happened to Earth’s Ancient Craters? Scientists Seek Clues on the Moon’s Pocked Surface - The pace of space rocks pummeling Earth and the moon was relatively infrequent, but then doubled or tripled for unknown reasons, a new study finds.
  10. Mary Boyd Higgins, Wilhelm Reich’s Devoted Trustee, Is Dead at 93 - She volunteered for the job with a father of the sexual revolution, even though she had never met him. She protected his legacy and republished his books.

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